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Your Actions, Your Rights 

Jury Nullification may be the final peaceful 
barrier between law-abiding gun owners and 
a tyrannical government dependent upon 
disarming honorable citizens. 

For jury nullification to protect gun ownership 
rights, and all constitutional rights of gun owners, it 
is necessary for jurors to learn about their authority 
to judge the law and its application. 

To defend law abiding gun owners from routinely 
abused power of government, you must first get 
on the jury. During jury selection, lawyers and 
judges, who like to dictate the law, consistently 
attempt to remove thinking people from juries. 
The corrupted power of lawyers and judges is 
dependent upon ignorant, unthinking jurors who 
will do whatever they are told by government 
officers, even in violation of good conscience and 
constitutional law. 

When questioned to identify your understand- 
ing of the law or issues, consider variously stating 
that you do not keep track of political issues, and 
that you can apply the law as instructed by the 
court. If asked, consider suggesting that you do 
not remember if you are a current member of any 
gun owner organizations or other groups, because 
you get too many junk mail memberships and 
solicitations. Imply an impartial attitude. 

You may be the only thinking person on the jury. 
Judicial oaths and instructions to the jury are 
designed to fool people, and to entrench the raw 
power of government. Despite their officious nature, 
the instructions and oaths are rhetorical ruses which 
cannot be legally binding, or there would be no need 
or authority for independently thinking juries. 

You hold an absolute, unalienable right to vote your 
conscience in every regard. If the accused person did 
not identifiably damage an identified person, or for 
any other reason you wish, you can find him or her 
not guilty, regardless of the other jurors. Just consis- 
tently state that the government prosecutor did not 
adequately prove the government case. Or you can 
also state no reason for your decision, as is your right. 

Fully Informed Jury Association 

Post Office Box 5570 

Helena MT 59604-5570 


FAX 1-406-442-9332 








Founding Father, said in 1804, Jurors 

should acquit even against the judge's 

instruction.... "if exercising their judgment 

with discretion and honesty they have • 

a clear conviction that the charge of the 

court is wrong." 

This brochure is not copyrighted and may be reproduced at will 

"A well-regulated militia 

being necessary to the 

security of a free state, 

the right of the people to 

keep and bear arms shall 

not be infringed." 

Jury Power 
Jury Education 
Jury Nullification 
Jury Protection 

Constitutional Defense ~ Self Defense ~ Jury Defense 

Constitutional Defense 

The Revolutionary War veterans understood the 
Constitutionally described right to bear arms. 
They had just defeated the world's greatest military 
power, to create the world's most free and thus 
most prosperous nation. As long as they remained 
armed, no government, British or American, could 
subjugate them again. The citizen right to bear 
arms creates the ability to remain free under an 
armed government which obviously craves more 
power. The greatest threat to human rights is 
always from one's own government. 

Self Defense 

A modern example of the jury defending the right of 
self defense is Bernard Goetz, who defended himself 
with a firearm on a New York subway, against multiple 
assailants. The government, which craves absolute 
power, accused Goetz of several crimes, but a jury 
of his peers simply refused to convict him of criminal 
action, defending YOUR right to defend yourself when 
the police are not there to defend you, as usual. The 
jury acquitted Goetz because members of the jury 
understood their authority to judge the law and refused 
to apply the laws that the government imposed. 

Jury Defense 

You, as one individual, cannot do much to effect 
legislation. But YOU can effectively defend the 
Constitution when a fellow gun owner is on trial. One 
person can "hang" a Jury by refusing to convict. 
You cannot be punished for doing so. If you are 
called to serve on a jury, do so! In turn, if your 
rational exercise of a right is ever described as 
a gun crime, by a typical anti-gun prosecutor, 
wouldn't you want a member of your Jury to be 
an informed gun owner? You would want them 
to understand that they can hang a jury by simply 
stating that the government prosecutor failed to 
prove the government case. You can also state no 
reason for your verdict, as is your right. 

The History of Jury Nullification 

Liberty exists only among reasoning people who are 
tolerant of human diversity. Tyranny thrives on 
intolerance. Reasoning jurors defend liberty when they 
refuse to convict fellow citizens who are maliciously 
accused of crimes. Reasoning jurors stopped the Salem 
Witch Trials of 1 692 and freed tax protesters during 
the Whiskey Rebellion of 1 794. Juries 
refused to convict under the 
Fugitive Slave Act in 1 850, during 
Prohibition 1920-30, Vietnam 
Objectors 1960-1970, Tax Protesters, 
Medical Marijuana Users, and others. i 

The defense of our liberties is first at 
the ballot box, then the soap box, then 
the jury box, and finally, failing all else, 
the cartridge box. The writers of the US 
Constitution understood that power always 
corrupts, and that the people must retain and 
understand the several processes to defend them- 
selves from the greatest threat to liberty: one's own 

With more than 20,000 inferior gun laws contradicting 
the superior or prevailing law of the US Constitution's 
Second Amendment, and an increasingly anti-gun, 
power craving institution of government prosecutors 
and judges, it is only a matter of time before you or 
friends are accused of a gun crime, unless gun owners 
fully understand and effect jury nullification for 
wrongful accusations of crime. 

Corrupted, anti-gun prosecutors and judges are 
common. Anyone can easily become a lawyer or 
judge. It is just a process. The US is overrun by 
them. They are common people who hold no 
more intelligence or reasoning ability than any 
other common person, and often less because of 
their egos and insatiable craving for more power. 
The duty and design of the citizen jury is to apply 
reasoning without title-induced ego and craving 
for power of office. Lawyers and judges literally 
cannot understand that concept even if they read 
these words, which is why wise people instituted 
the citizen jury system with its authority over 
lawyers and judges. 

The citizen understanding of jury nullification in 
the US has become critically important with the 
ncreasing gun confiscation laws supported by the 
Democrat/Republican Party, its politically appointed 
prosecutors, judges, and the United Nations leadership. 

Repeated refusals by juries to convict effectively 
informs legislators and prosecutors that the law is 
NOT supported by the community. Acquittals and 
hung juries are politically embarrassing to the power- 
craving prosecutors, legislatures, bureaucrats and 
most judges. Do not underestimate the effect that 
acquittals have on the currently out-of-control law 
and regulation writing process. One thinking person 
among each of only a few juries, who understands the 
value of individual liberty that cost so many lives to 
create, can regain gun owner rights in the US. 

Educating Prospective Jurors 

FIJA chapters, members and informed gun owner groups can 
spread the word in local media regarding the authority of the jury. 

FIJA offers various materials, and can often offer helpful strategic 
suggestions for educating the public -- and thus the jury pool -- 
for a particular Second Amendment-related jury trial. 

Visit FIJA at for more literature, various educational 
tapes, and transcripts. 

Act now! Call 1 -800-TEL-JURY for a free information kit ! 

Strategies that Work 

Hand out FIJA Literature 

Give local Radio and TV interviews 

Speak about FIJA to Local Groups 

Write Letters to the Editor 

Put up FIJA Posters 

Leave FIJA brochures at gun shops 

Leave FIJA brochures at ranges 

Contact FIJA for more ideas